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Lost keys or broken keys?  We can make replacement keys for most all cars and trucks without any key present.  We have the key cutting machines for the high security keys as well.  With our 24 hour dealer access subscription, we can get the key codes and pin codes as needed, unless our equipment can extract the pin codes.  Even the push-to-start ignitions are easy to program.  Removing door panels is no longer necessary with the tools we use.


Remotes can also be programmed.  Many remotes can be made from a universal remote and we can make one and program it at that time.


We carry virtually every transponder chip for virtually every make, model and year for those cars that use an actual key to start the car.


Vin verification is an additional service we provide.  If you have a vehicle that was brought into California, we can provide the proper DMV paperwork for the registration.  We are a licensed and bonded vehicle verifier.  Call us to discuss your needs.

The Key Man

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KCRA Channel 3 had a returning story of locksmith scams, showing how people get ripped off so easily.


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