Residential Services

We re-key a lot of houses. This is the majority of our work.  Many of our customers are property managers and Realtors.  From the property managers, comes mainly rental units that simply need to be re-keyed for the next tenant.  From the Realtors, comes a variety of requests.  While they are trying to list and sell houses, they find themselves with houses that either don't have any keys or just can't get the locks to work.  We have found that the common problem with the locks associated with vacant houses is due to being unused for such a long time, allowing the internal parts to seize up.  It is amazing how many lock companies are producing a bad product. There are many, however, that do product good products.  The housing foreclosure era has introduced some really bad products that were being used by many of the asset protection and other such companies that were the front runners for getting into these houses initially for the banks and lending institutions.  Then, after the banks would hand these off to a Realtor to get listed and sold, many of these locks would have to be replaced with something that actually functioned.  It was a real eye sore to see a high end house where the asset preservation companies just hacked off the really expensive hardware, leaving junk locks in place of them.



We install, repair, replace, and re-key lock sets. If a deadbolt needs to be installed, but there is no hole for it, we can drill the perfect holes in any residential door.   We also install Keyless entry locks.  Sliding glass door locks, patio door locks, roll up garage door locks, mailbox locks, shed locks, are all types of locks of which we are experienced and work with regularly.  We also have experience with the three-point locking systems used on many patio doors.  These are the type of lock that you must first lift the handle before turning the deadbolt.


We have the necessary tools to do residential work.  Drilling out locks just isn't in our vocabulary.  It is very rare to have to resort to this procedure, but there are rare occasions when this is necessary.  After gaining access to thousands of houses, we have accumulated many special tools to use, and have learned many tricks and methods to get through a locked door.



  • Service Call is $40
  • Re-key standard locks is $11
  • Gain Access is $20 per instance
  • Re-key Non-standard locks is $12 - $30 depending on lock
  • Drill holes for new deadbolt is $40 per lock
  • Standard locks would consist of, for example, residential Schlage, Kwikset, Defiant, and other such locks typically used on houses.
  • Non-standard locks would include profile locks (see rotating photo above) and some locks normally found on commercial doors.


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