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When it comes to vehicles, we cover most of them.  Cutting keys for virtually any North American vehicle is a snap. Whether it is a standard single or double sided key or a high security key such as a BMW or Lexus, we can cut them and duplicate them. In the case of a lost key, we have the tools for decoding the locks without having to remove the door panel.  As long as the ignition key still matches one of the door keys, our standard rates will apply.  Sometimes the ignition lock has been replaced without re-keying it to the original key.  Depending if this is the case, there may be an additional charge.  Since the keys went to the double sided type, all we have to do is first make a door key and base the ignition key from the door key.  So, it is important to be sure to keep the ignition key as an original.  It is generally more difficult to originate an ignition key if it has been replaced and not re-keyed to match the original key. Other special tools will be required along with more time to do the job.




We keep a stock of virtually every key shell and transponder chip combination possible, in order to be able to get your car back on the road again without having to have it towed to a dealership or having to wait for the key to be mailed.  The push-to-start type of ignition key is another matter all together.  There are too many different FOBs needed to cover all the vehicles that need them.  We stock the more common FOBs.  We can have any FOB by the next business day morning if ordered by 3pm.  Many FOBs are available either new or reconditioned. Some reconditioned FOBs are unpredictable and therefore, for those, I do not buy them, nor do I program them without being paid first.  Toyota and Lexus are sometimes difficult to program reconditioned FOBs.


The special tools we use to decode the locks can also be used to pick open the door lock without using the slim jim or other invasive tools that must be poked through the edge of the door after pumping up an air bag to pry open the door just enough to get a long reach tool inside the cab in order to manipulate the lock button or to pull a door handle to open the door.  Most of the old car door opening tools are a thing of the past and are rarely used.  They sometimes have a way of breaking glass or causing other undesired consequences.



  • Replace standard lost non-transponder key is $90 for standard cars
  • Replace other lost no-transponder key is $120-$200 for BMW and similar
  • Replace standard lost transponder key is $120-$180 depending on vehicle
  • Replace other lost transponder key is $140-$300 for BMW and similar
  • Extra Transponder key is $75-$120 depending on vehicle
  • Replace Smart Keys is $160 to $500 depending on vehicle
  • Unlock door to most vehicles is $60-$75 depending on vehicle
  • Unlock door to BMW or Lexus type is $90-$200 depending on vehicle

Prices for vehicles varies greatly between make, model and year.  The above prices assume certain things:  The ignition has not been replaced; the door and ignition keys are still matching; At least one door lock is in good functional condition; Access to the vehicle and any of the locks is reasonable and allows work to be performed; the car is in an area that falls within our boundaries; no parts associated with the ignition lock has been broken or replaced since the last time you were able to start the car.


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